Introducing: Jasper & Ollie

Two funny, unlikely friends—a thoughtful, deliberate sloth and an impulsive, impatient fox—make their big debut in this hilarious new picture book celebrating friendship and the wonderful ways in which we're all different.

Best friends Jasper and Ollie decide to go to the pool. On your mark, get set . . . WAIT! As Jasper races ahead—crashing into the mailman, speeding past the ice cream truck—Ollie takes his sweet time, pausing to admire a butterfly, to smell a daisy, and to help the mailman pick up his letters. 

With a clever design that shows Jasper's hectic morning compared with Ollie's casual stroll, this highly visual story allows young readers to easily recognize the differences between the two pals, as Jasper's increasingly frenzied search for his friend contrasts with Ollie's blissful walk toward the pool. It's a smartly paced, hugely funny celebration of our differences. Kids AND grown-ups will giggle as they decide if they're more of a "Jasper" or an "Ollie." It's also a great way to share the concept of "taking time to smell the roses"—a perfect lesson in our overly scheduled world.

Available for pre-order now at Barnes & Noble, your local bookstore, and beyond.